About Us

The CLEAR CREEK BOWMEN were founded in 1973 by the following members: Fred Radtke, Mike Kinkel, Fern Meigs, Tim Meigs, John Schulz, Jim Schlapkohl, Jim Davis, Albert Uhart and Laurel Cooney.

The archery range was located on Spooner Summit between US Hwy. 50 and Clear Creek Rd. In 1999 the land went into a Family Trust and the range could no longer be used by The Clear Creek Bowmen.

The Clear Creek Bowmen obtained a Special Use Agreement with Carson City Parks & Recreation. Moving the Range on to a small portion of land east of Centennial Park off of US Hwy. 50 East.

With continued help from the Carson City Parks & Recreation Dept. We have since built a Storage Unit, which houses about 80 3-D targets and a pergola for shade.

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